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Whether you are the best man, the maid of honor, the bride’s maid or parents of the bride and groom, making the best wedding speech for this important day is crucial. There are only two things that guests remember during weddings: the bride’s wedding gown and the heartwarming speeches from the guests.

There are usually three speeches within the reception: one from the father of the bride, the second from the groom and the third from the best man but there are no rules on whomever wants to give a speech. You can have all three or add more depending on your itineraries for your wedding reception.

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What makes a good wedding speech

Whether you plan to write on an original piece or looking for templates online, wedding speeches need these elements in order to be more entertaining, engaging and relatable for all the guests. Here are some important key factors that should be included within an entertaining wedding speech:

1.    A good wedding speech should be relatable. If you are planning to write your own wedding speech or looking for a template, find one that would relate not only to the bride and groom but for the audience as well. You need to make it more engaging, entertaining and emotionally heartwarming for the entire crowd.

2.    A good wedding speech must be humorous. There are two ways to engage to guests, one is to be more emotional on your speech or the opposite: be humorous. This is a task that is usually reserved for the best man speech but anyone can do it on any reception speech. If you are a best man, your speech can be a pretty good time to expose any embarrassing moments during their relationships or entertaining quotes that the bride and groom, and the room full of guests.

3.    A wedding speech needs to be organized. For first timers, organization can be hard to achieve this is where templates come in. Templates can help with helping you construct your thoughts and convey your message to the bride and groom properly. Your paragraphs need to correlate with each other with properly constructed sentences.

4.    A good wedding speech must be personal. This is probably one of the most important things in giving your own wedding speech; it must be something heartfelt and genuine for the bride and groom. You must write it with emotion, sensitivity and imparting personal feelings onto it, not just with your way of words but in delivering the speech as well.

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